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First Earlies are planted between February and April and harvested between May and July. They are often called new potatoes as they are ready to harvest before other varieties, around 9-14 weeks after planting. They produce lots of tasty, small potatoes,

Variety Image Description
Very early variety with high dry matter. Dig early for lovely salad potatoes or mature for great bakers.
Tasty salad that can be grown out to produce baker sized potatoes. Good all round disease resistance.
Arran Pilot Very early traditional potato, bred on the Isle of Arran and the most popular variety in the UK in the 1930s. Excellent yield and flavour.
Belle de Fontenay An heirloom variety, bred in France in 1885. Long, firm potatoes with a fine flavour. Perfect in salads.
Casablanca Relatively new variety. Great skin finish making it a good candidate for the show bench. Makes very good chips.
Colleen - Organic Has a good resistance to potato blight so is good to grow organically. Excellent all-rounder with light yellow skin and yellow flesh. Good pest resistance.
Duke of York Traditional early variety, harvest when young for a rich sweet flavour or leave to mature for a floury texture. Makes excellent baked potato.
Foremost Foremost remains popular as a new potato with slightly waxy, firm white flesh and an excellent flavour.
Lady Christl Very early salad type with high yields, good taste and nice bright skin finish. Grown commercially in Cornwall and Pembrokeshire.
Maris Bard First early variety that bulks early. It is high yielding and has high potato numbers.
Pentland Javelin First early variety with good eelworm (golden) resistance . Very bright with a mild flavour.
Red Duke of York A traditional red-skinned variety with a yellow flesh. Makes excellent roasts.
Rocket Recent variety, throws a large number of round whole potatoes. Early variety with good disease resistance.
Sharpes Express Great tasting variety bred in Lincolnshire in 1901. This first early has a bright white flesh with a smooth skin. A favourite of gardener Percy Thrower.
Swift Exceptionally early variety which produces lots of small round potatoes. It has partial resistance to both golden and white eelworm.
Winston An early variety that produces large potatoes and has very good drought resistance.

Second Earlies are planted between March and April and harvested between July and August. They take longer to grow than First Earlies so are ready to harvest around 14-17 weeks after planting. Yields are higher, and the potatoes are bigger than First Earlies. Ideal for boiling and salads, they are also good general-purpose potatoes.

Variety Image Description
Robust variety with great disease resistance, making it ideal for organic and garden production.
A very attractive potato, with a splash of pink around the eyes. Good multi-purpose cooking performance but particularly good when baked.
British Queen Very popular in Ireland. It has a high dry matter with a floury texture and good flavour.
Divaa Good yielding variety with very bright skin and flesh. It has a fluffy texture making fantastic chip shop chips and great mash and roasts too. It has good resistance to eelworm.
Estima Very popular variety with farmers. Large yields with early bulking properties and good drought resistance.
Gemson High yielding variety producing lots of small round potatoes. Bred from Maris Peer which gives it an excellent flavour.
Inca Bella
Delicately coloured, this solanum phureja variety cooks very quickly when boiled. great for mash and roasties.
Kestrel Attractive whole skins with purple eyes. Makes excellent chips and roast potatoes. Good resistance to blackleg and slug damage.
Marfona Very popular with farmers due to its ability to produce baking potatoes very early. Good bright skin finish and a nice flavour.
Maris Peer Popular second early potatoes with a very good flavour. Are good as salad potatoes. Plant produces large clusters of pretty purple flowers.
Nadine Exceptionally high yielding variety with bright white skins and a good entry for the show bench.
Piccolo Star
Expect lots of lovely, smooth-skinned, small potatoes. Ideal for boiling and salads.
Spunta Grown widely in Cyprus and imported to the UK supermarkets. A white/yellow fleshed variety with a waxy texture making it a good candidate for a tasty potato salad.
Good all-round cooking performance, drought resistance and high yields make Sunrise an attractive choice.
Wilja A high yielding variety with a russet skin. Will grow successfully in any type of soil and makes very nice tasting mash, baked and boiled potatoes.
Yukon Gold
With light yellow flesh and a buttery taste, Yukon gold is excellent when baked, mashed or roasted.

Salads are planted between March and May and harvested between June and September. Salad varieties tend to be long, oval varieties with a "waxy” texture, which remains together on boiling, and makes the potatoes an ideal addition to salads. Taste is generally described as fine to gourmet. They can be First Early, Second Early or Maincrops.

Variety Image Description
Expect very good yields of even-sized potatoes with a bright skin. Delicious in salads and boiled.
Charlotte A must have in the garden for a early salad potato crop. Very attractive long potato with an unbeatable creamy flavour straight from the garden to the pot!
International Kidney Exceptionally good eating salad potato straight from the garden.
Nicola High yielding salad crop with a bright yellow flesh. Makes a very tasty salad potato with a waxy texture.
Pink Fir Apple Popular in Victorian kitchen gardens this knobbly salad potato has an unrivalled nutty flavour. Cooking with the the skin on will retain it's pink skin colour.
A heritage variety renowned for it's numerous finger-like potatoes and delightful nutty, buttery flavour.

Maincrops are planted between March and May and harvested between August and September. They require the longest growing period and are generally ready to harvest 17-20 weeks after planting. They can produce high yields of large potatoes and can be stored through the winter, if required.

Variety Image Description
High yielding with good drought and late blight resistance, Ambo is one of the earliest Maincrop potatoes available.
Arran Victory
A vigorous, weed-suppressing plant which produces delicious, purple-skinned potatoes that are ideal for roasting, wedges and mash.
Produces high yields of baby potatoes. Delicious boiled and in salads.
Cara Big-yielding variety with an attractive skin. Good resistance to blight and is good for long term storing. Plenty of size and is a good one to grow for a baker crop.
Fully blight resistant variety that has an attractive appearance. It is ideal for growing in an organic plot. It has a good level of dry matter making tasty roast potatoes and fluffy mash potatoes.
Desiree The most popular red-skinned variety in the UK giving great crops of large potatoes. Regularly seen on TV being used by celebrity chefs. A good culinary potato which boils well and has a delicious smooth texture.
Golden Wonder A traditional, heritage variety with a russet skin and a golden colour. Excellent roasted, baked or fried but not boiled.
Highland Burgundy Red
With red skin and flesh, this heritage potato makes a colourful addition to meals. Great for red roasties or pink mash, with a fine flavour.
Kerrs Pink A favourite in Ireland with an unusual pale pink skin with darker pink eyes. It is a robust plant, producing a large crop of bold tasty potatoes.
King Edward A well known favourite in the potato world. Attractive white skins with bright splashes of red. Makes the ideal roasts and baked potatoes but is also good boiled with a strong, aromatic flavour.
Kingsman is brand new for 2017. It produces big, bold, uniform tubers. It has good disease resistance including golden potato cyst nematode. These potatoes make great home-style chips.
Lady Balfour
Named after a founder of the Soil Association. Excellent blight resistance so this is a great variety for organic and garden production.
A European media campaign resulted in this tasty variety being saved for potato enthusiasts. Ideal for boiling and salads.
With bright red skin and light yellow flesh, Manitou is most suitable for baking, roasting and mashing.
Maris Piper Probably the best known potato in Britain and one of the most versatile with an attractive plant with purple flowers. The potatoes taste great as chips, mash, roasts or simply boiled.
This fairly recent variety is very popular with chip shops throughout the UK. It is long, smooth and shallow eyes making it an ideal shape for producing the perfect chip. Markies is a main crop with good disease resistance. As well as making good quality chips it also makes delicious roast and mash potatoes.
Mayan Gold Mayan Gold originated from the foothills of the Andes of Peru. It is a golden coloured potato with a nutty flavour proving to be an exceptional variety for chips and roasting - a favourite gourmet potato with the chefs. Due to Mayan Gold's delicate nature it should be steamed and not boiled.
Mayan Rose
With striking parti-coloured skin and flesh, this solanum phureja variety cooks quickly when boiled and is idea for mashing, roasting and wedges.
Picasso Bred from Cara but reaches maturity up to 3 weeks earlier. Great tasting variety with good disease resistance. Makes nice roasts and mash.
Pink Gypsy
Be the envy of the show bench with these attractive potatoes. Early maincrop with great disease resistance. Excellent flavour.
Record Was the number 1 crisping variety in the UK before paler crisps became more favourable. A very old and rare variety. Makes great mash, chips and roasts.
Red Emmalie Red Emmalie is an attractive red-skin variety, which also has red flesh and retains it's colour on cooking. A definite talking point around the table! A great multi-purpose variety.
Salad Blue Extremely bright and eye-catching tubers. Not only are they blue on the outside but they boast attractive blue flesh. This unique variety has a delicious, mild flavour.
A very robust variety with great disease resistance, so it's ideal for organic and garden production. Tastes great too!
Sarpo Mira A pale red tuber with a fluffy texture renowned for it's excellent resistance to blight.
High yields with excellent drought resistance. Setanta is an ideal variety for long-term storage.
Stemster A tasty red-skinned variety that produces lots of bold potatoes. Very good grown in soils that dry out quickly as it has good drought resistance.
With a glowing red skin, Sunset has good drought resistance and a great taste.
Vales Sovereign Attractive dual-coloured potato with excellent eating qualities. Great for mash, roasts and wedges. Good resistance to disease and ideal for the show bench.
Valor An all-rounder that cooks every way and tastes great with the added bonus of having good disease resistance.