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Albert Bartlett

WCF Horticulture is delighted to offer Albert Bartlett branded seed potatoes.

The premium Albert Bartlett Branded Range exclusive to WCF Horticulture includes Anya, Apache, Elfe (New for 2016), Innovator, Isle of Jura, Osprey, Rooster and Vivaldi.


Variety Image Description

A salad with a distinctive flavour. Unique in the UK potato market. Anya has a distinctive chestnut and hazelnut flavour with a firm texture and knobbly appearance.Award winner.

A second early with a very striking appearance. Scrubbed and cooked whole Apache makes a delicious change from other roasts. The contrasting colours stay bright if blanched before roasting.

Elfe is a distinctive, yellow potato with a smooth buttery taste. A new variety, Elfe tastes great boiled or baked and makes perfect mash.

An American russet style second early. Innovator is famous for it's french fries because of it's pale yellow flesh and creamy texture. It is also a versatile variety which can be baked, mashed or roasted with great results.

High yielding maincrop, good for long term storage. Isle of Jura is a great-tasting variety which also has excellent disease resistance. With lovely cream-coloured flesh it looks and tastes fantastic whether bakes, boiled, mashed or roasted.

Excellent second early all rounder. Grown from the Kestrel variety, Osprey is famous for it's consistency and appearance. It is characterised by a beautiful smooth skin and shallow pink eyes. Grows consistently well.

Rooster potatoes have a deep red skin and shallow eyes. The flesh has a lovely smooth texture and it tastes as good as it looks. TV campaigns featuring Marcia Cross and Jesse Metcalfe have helped make Rooster an extremely popular maincrop. A unique all rounder. Award winner.

Very versatile second early, with a unique texture. Vivaldi has a sweet taste, making them an ideal baked potato without any added butter! A healthy choice, Vivaldi is perfect for mashing, steaming or baking. Award winner.